3e: from purchasing association to multi-faceted service provision company

3e Handels- und Dienstleistungs AG was created in November 1989 from the merger of 3 hardware associations operating in Austria: 
Eisenring Süd, Eisenring Ost, and E/D/E.

Since then, 3e has been constantly developing and is now a modern, multi-faceted service-providing company.


Since the founding in 1989, the purchasing potentials of the original three associations are combined in one company. In addition to the attractive purchasing conditions resulting from the large purchase quantities, the range of services of 3e is constantly being extended. For example, concept consulting, store planning, on-site support, and the production of around 17.5 million brochures per year and IT support are among the permanent services of the 3e headquarters.


Together with the ÖBAU, 3e founds the joint purchasing subsidiary AHS(Austria Hartwaren, Service- und Marketing GmbH) in 1997. The association bundles the purchasing of overlapping assortment areas of the two companies.

The major growth in members in Central and South Europe leads 3e to found its first branch in Slovenia in 1997. Two years later, a further branch is opened in Hungary


The splitting-up of the original 3e, into 3e Holding AG (real estate and management company) and 3e Handels- und Dienstleistungs AG with the operational commercial activities, is intended to allow future involvement in the operational business.

Intensive market cultivation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia is initiated with the opening of 3e Consulting in Brno.


3e develops its first franchise concept: TOOLPARK.


Market launch of the new TOOLPARK sales line. Openings in Ybbs, Hartberg, Lienz-Debant and Oberwart.

Cooperation is entered into with hagebau via the purchasing company “AHS”.


LET’S DOIT becomes international. By October, ten member businesses in Hungary have switched their stores over to the umbrella brand.


LET’S DOIT becomes international. By October, ten member businesses in Hungary have switched their stores over to the umbrella brand.


The second foreign market is opened up with LET’S DOIT: Serbia. A total of five markets switch over to the umbrella brand concept in autumn.


The next expansions of LET'S DOIT are into Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro: while three new LET'S DOIT specialist stores open for business in Bosnia-Herzegovina, four specialist stores in Montenegro start offering their extensive assortment under the umbrella brand in December.

Ending of cooperation with hagebau.

Topping-up of shares in AHS to 100%.


New LET'S DOIT specialist stores continue to be constantly opening in the individual countries.

New cooperation with DFH/Bauprofi


In Austria and the Southeast European countries, the implementation of the LET'S DOIT concept continues to be driven forward.


Start of the major project Perspektive 2015+ for setting the course for the future regarding the increasing influence of the Internet on offline trading.


3e celebrates its 25-year company anniversary.


Web shops with the Click & Collect system go online for the sales channels TOOLPARK and LET'S DOIT.


LET'S DOIT Webshop relaunch and launch of the customer card.


Opening of the first Omnichannel tool store / LET'S DOITStore 4.0; 30 years anniversary of 3e